For every requirement an appropriate response, designed for the real needs of users
Good company logistics must take into account not only the level of automation of individual machines, but also the degree of product handling from machine to machine. Optimizing the timing and the yield of the production cycle involves the integration of the work of the operational, packaging and warehousing departments.

Bimac is able to operate in this sector by resolving the problems related to handling in all types of companies. Its specific skills range from the handling of goods arriving and departing to the transportation of the finished product.

Complete engineering service
Every project stems from a study carried out together with the customer, to ensure work that is undertaken together step by step, in tune with the needs of user.

Bimac does not just design and implement handling systems or parts of handling systems, it also includes a complete turnkey service.

The formula provides for the inclusion of all indispensable complementary equipment: weighing, marking, strapping, packaging and palletizing.

All kinds of operations and applications: the use of cutting-edge technologies in various industrial sectors,
The acquisition of complete know-how and lengthy experience allow Bimac to intervene anywhere and with remarkable rapidity. From small applications to computerized systems with or without manual workstations: Bimac conceives and creates systems for all-round handling.

The versatility of the company stems from the resolution of a large number of problems. We operate in the paper, food, mechanical, textile, pharmaceutical and cosmetics sectors. The company can also transport industrial waste.

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